Kelly-Ryan, Inc.


Kelly Ryan, Inc. is an experienced general contractor specializing in construction and logistics throughout Alaska. For over thirty years, we have been bringing positive change to cities and villages throughout the state by consistently delivering project after project. Our experience is backed by our extensive fleet of barges and our collection of cranes and other equipment. As a smaller, family run business, we remain competitive in the industry because we are efficient, experienced, and constantly seeking innovative solutions to problems. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and the consistency at which we deliver on our promises.


Construction is in the blood here at Kelly-Ryan, Inc. From an early age, a sense of rigor and quality of construction were instilled in Kelly and Ryan Pleas from their father Riley. Riley laid the groundwork as a pioneer of Alaska general contracting. With the lessons handed down from their father and the experience gained through hard work, Kelly and Ryan had the necessary tools to launch their own construction company. In 1976 they started Kelly-Ryan, Inc. What started out as a small scale company capable of small scale projects has grown into multi-faceted business with the tools and experience to accomplish any scale of project any where along Alaska’s coast. Over the course of several decades, Kelly-Ryan, Inc. has continuously proven itself capable of any job it takes on.